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The concept of Gifting is time immemorial. Yet when a simple act like gifting can create a cause and initiate a process which is bigger than life, then 'you' become the most important factor in the entire symbiotic ecosystem and the simple act of gifting, impact millions.

Gifting Gratitude is not just a market place where goods and gifts are exchanged. Here at Gifting Gratitude, with every transaction which takes place, a deeper meaning is created, touching the very fabric of our society.


Because, our material / gift items are designed/ manufactured by ONLY orphans, special needy groups, women who need support & individuals who wants to live a life of dignity by creating value.


You as our customer/ client gets:

Tangible aspect:

  • Unique handmade product.

  • Very competitive price (not driven by profit motive).

  • Customized design specially crafted, if requested.

  • A unique gift packing, emphasizing your role in the upliftment of humanity.

  • Getting back a general report/ account of each rupee you spent in ordering the gift item.

Intangible aspect:

  • Gifting more than a gift. Its your support and contribution to the society.

  • Each gift item has an utility and not just an object in the showcase.

  • The receiver of the Gift feels grateful as, the greater vision and the cause is displayed in each pack.

  • Its not a discrete sales, you are connected to a greater community and to the organizations, who creates your gift items.

  • You are called to such organizations as a guest lecturer or someone who can exhibit, showcase and help with the dormant talents which you may processes but never came out with.

  • You become a member of the Gratitude Butterfly Community.




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