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It hardly does matter to you - what I believe. But when you become mature enough to see that every belief system of us is unnatural, there is no base of that and almost everything that we believe is taught and something which is designed by the 'others', not necessarily for welfare and good of mankind or any living-kind.

Then you might be motivated to join me and thousands of other human beings who eventually came to a point, when the superficiality of this hollow life (designed by the 'others') could not maintain the charm any more. And now they want to live the life, aligned with nature and the true self.


Almost 20 years and the wonder is still on. Just like that child who looks us at the sky and tries to reach out to the stars and amazed with the light of the fireflies. My name is Udayan and I prefer to be called as a Gratitude Monk, not because, that I am a monk in the true sense of the term but because I have chosen that word to define the unfolding path towards my spiritual discoveries for the next part of my life.